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Jettywave is a distillery experience that embraces the modern northern California coastal life. We wanted to find a path to ride our beach cruisers here to the harbor to create unexpected flavors with organic integrity in the wild pourings we distill and concoct. We welcome only those friendly, to drink responsibly, and healthfully with us in Half Moon Bay's Princeton Harbor.

We founded Jettywave so that we may ride beach cruisers to work, wave at passing friends along the breakwater, and drop our kickstands to deliver a distillery experience worthy of the modern California coastal life. Our heirloom ingredients are sourced as close to us in Half Moon Bay as possible.


Half Moon Shine

Our first distillate reinvigorates a Prohibition Era tradition once distilled under the secrecy of moonlight. We shed new light with our own grain-to-bottle recipe. Organic corn and barley, sourced here in northern California, is open-fermented over five foggy days to slowly capture the essence of the grain in reclaimed redwood fermenters, a process we call ‘fog fermentation.’ Half of our Half Moon Shine is placed in new oak barrels to mature into our forthcoming Jettybarrel Bourbon. The other half is an elegant unbarrel-aged sipping whiskey. Unlike its Appalachian origins, Half Moon Shine is delicate and smooth and is intended to savor mildly chilled or enjoyed in a Moonshine Sour or your favorite cocktail.

750mL Bottles - $45

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We bonded with our head distiller Anthony Marinese over a shared vision of crafting flavors the world has never experienced. Our partners have multiple degrees in sustainable agriculture and design. We shop the back alleys of The Bay Area to find flavors to pique our exquisite cocktails, and enhanced spirits and bourbons with hope for a tilted-head-grin every single taste.

Perhaps the first thing that bonded us all was a love of weird recipes. We’d hover around whoever’s kitchen and quiz the chef. We all came to understand the search for the perfect receipe but never forget to kiss with a surprising twist. This spirit is the basis for our wild flavors. We ground our creativity with a firm attempt to weave organic suppliers whenever possible, and that we partner with suppliers more lcoal than afar.  

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Distillations from a Prohibition era safe harbor

We are currently producing using three stills and mash-tun we installed here at Jettywave Distillery. We have one 150-gallon stripping still, one 26-gallon copper pot still for finishing whiskies, bourbons and Half Moon Shine™, and one 26-gallon column still for finishing gins and vodkas. Our stills are all hand-forged in Colorado. We love MileHi Stills American-made copper and stainless metalworks, which plays into our hopes of buying as locally as possible. With an all-metal distillation and redwood fermentation, our distillery will be almost entirely plastic-free.

Half Moon Bay’s Princeton Jetty is the energy center of our Coastside community. Everyone slows pace for this only stretch of highway that flirts with the sea for twenty miles in either direction. Visiting beachgoers get their first glimpse of waveriders, and local citizens hand salute familiar faces smiling from cars with HMB windowstickers. A most welcome way for all to enjoy this rocky little strand.


An adventure in micro-distillation

We've taken a portion of what we've produced as Moonshine and placed it into some barrels varying in size from 5 gallons to 53 gallons. Our Half Moonshine is sitting patiently inside of our American oak barrels slowly taking on the amber color of this aging process. Peek though our portholes by The Slab Bar to take a look at our barrel aging process to turn this product to Jettybreak Bourbon.


Join us next year to sample this once in a lifetime aged spirit. We can't wait to taste alongside you!

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