Downcycle. Backcycle. Precycle. Biocycle.

We’ve attempted to build our Jettywave vision on the principle of realistic sustainability. As local, organic and zero impact as possible. That said, the world’s finest Bergamot citrus liquor only comes from Spain. Taste our Wave Jettywave Vesper Martini for proof of this exceptional flavor for which we made an exception.


We share the same ideology of taking care of the world around us and ensure environmental integrity with our decisions. See our sustainability philosophy below.


We put bike racks out front because two wheels commute better. An outdoor shower so you can pedal here or paddle here. We examine our every action through a similar responsibility filter. That cypress slab, where you just toasted your friends, fell during a windstorm up on that hill behind you; homage to the recycled wood bar in one of our founders' home. Those fermenters are hand built by our own distiller, comprised of an ex-watertank. The Swell Lounge cart was an abandoned coffee trailer.


Princeton Harbor has fewer discarded pallets, because that scrapwood now patinas our interior bar. Look above inside to find a pair of surfboards, hand shaped by two of out married founders from Balinese shipping crates (yes, they're kissing) Stop by on Thursdays when our local farmers deliver, we fire up the juicers, pressing the herbs and fruits you see in The Swell Lounge garden. Our distiller Anthony geeks out on how he down cycles his heated water before discarding what is unusable. Ask him about it. Join us in supporting local locals, and lots of cycling of all sorts.