Coastal living

Half Moon Bay is Silicon Valley’s last unblemished gem. We have maintained a cultural distance from the frenetics of San Francisco, though we are only twenty miles abeam, and ten from SFO. Our agricultural surroundings are at the epicenter of sustainable existence, and one of the twentieth century’s richest culinary innovation centers. We have unfettered access to the most natural of ingredients, and pick-up-truck transit distances deliver our ingredients daily. We have sources for one-of-a-kind trappings, unheard of native species, and gnarly-looking heirlooms that may scare the kiddies, while delighting your palette. 

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Farm - to - bottle

We all have operating family farms in our parentages. So we wanted to create a distillation experience that explores our extended families’ crops, recipes and resourcefulness from their Prohibition years. We’re healthy-ish people who like to drink. We’re perfecting our thirteenth step with Jettywave. Over the years of running up and down our home street, we all traded recipes, door-dashed culinary surprises, spilled cocktails, toasted sunsets, and laughed prodigiously over weekly bonfires. Our kids can be seen cleaning up the Swell Lounge yard before they are allowed to surf. And Bondi the aussie thinks he is employee-of-the-month. We welcome those honest, funny and respectful to toast with us and explore your outer palette.

Mishelle Westendorf is a human Tasmanian Devil embodiment. She drove Jettywave from concept to launch in five short months, all while teaching spin, and while operating California Relocation Network, and continuing her ranking as one of the top 100 realtors in the US. Her energy and charm teased this quote from the San Mateo County Health Commissioner ‘Jettywave is the poster child for Covid dining.’ Mishelle runs Miramar Beach with surfdogs Bondi and Jetty, and can whip up hosting a party with 45-min notice. She is married to her love David, who is a Stanford Research Institute entrepreneur, co-founding a food-intelligence company Passio. David is a Jettywave board member, and regularly surfs Mavericks. His art can be seen throughout the distillery with reclaimed wooden surfboards and art installations. Mishelle’s background in tourism and event planning lends crisp operational excellence in daily operations and our frequent special events. If you can catch Mish, ask her why she says Betty instead of profanity. Usually.


Mishelle Westendorf  Chief Executive Officer

Jettywave was founded on Tanya’s blue counter on her endless summer deck right down Coast Highway from here. Agricultural blood flows through her veins since generations of her grandparents were an integral part of the farming community in the Czech Republic. She studied Small Business Development in Vancouver, Canada, and Organic Farming in Santa Cruz. She will cut your arm if you steal the fresh produce as you stroll through the Jettywave garden. She is married to Richard, her twenty-year love, who is also a Jettywave Board Member. His bees produce the best honey you will ever experience, and the herbs and spices Tanya and Anthony imbue into our distillates and concoctions are grown by him too. Richard surfs ‘out front’ with their two groms most every chance he gets. Look for these groms, darting around the Swell Lounge clearing tables. Tanya has created floral installations for many Silicon Valley celebs, meaning she is bound by confidentiality. Make sure to buy her unwritten cookbook. Her recipes bring a deeply honest intense delivery of flavors with organic and locally sourced ingredients. She is an encyclopedia of fauna and her guilty pleasure is riding her beach cruiser to work.

Chief Creative Officer  Tanya Slye


Lucy Gillies grew up in Zimbabwe, and graduated from the University of Cape Town, South Africa with a Bachelors’ Degree in Commerce, where she began her career in the retail fashion industry. Her travels took her to London where her career diversified from merchandise planning to new store openings, systems integration and training. All of the nautical themes embracing Jettywave stem from her love of the ocean, and its preservation, going back to her days in Africa. She is business partners with Mishelle in California Relocation Network. Less a beach cruiser, Lucy rides mountain bikes to prodigious lengths. Lucy maintains the same tight ship with our Jettywave crew as she does when jibing in heavy seas.


Lucy Gillies Chief Operations Officer

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Head of Distillation  Anthony Marinese

Growing up on appropriately named Whiskeytown Lake near Redding, Anthony Marinese returned home to his native California from a five year stint leading production at the two-time American Distillery Institute's ‘Distillery of the Year;’ Kings County Distillery. He rides a perfect balance of traditional methodology with an extraordinary palette for innovation. He surprises us frequently with a magical new experiment we hope to share with you soon.


He pledged his opus barrels to us when we gave him the creative freedom to deliver his best distillates to our community. Look for his hallmark red Smee cap and try to strike up a conversation with his lovely wife Domi. Recently emigrated from Chile, she is life coach to many more than her husband. Ever a pedal pusher, Anthony has never owned a car. We secretly replaced his NYC commuter bike with a beach cruiser his first night in Half Moon Bay.

Kimberlee’s smile can be seen bouncing around Jettywave Distillery before you even park your car. Her infectious excitement about this special place fosters the genuine care you feel from each of our staff members. Her degree is in Hospitality and Tourism Management, with an emphasis in Food and Beverage Event Management. She oversees all aspects of our business; from The Swell Lounge, to The Slab Bar, Local’s Nights, to private corporate events.

During her time at university, she served in the Hospitality or “Ho’okipa” residency, and simultaneously worked as a Marriott Ambassador campus recruiting rep. She trained at The Ritz-Carlton Waikiki Beach, and other luxury destinations in Hawaii. Once she completed her studies and graduated Summa Cum Laude, she moved across the ocean to our coastal town to work at The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay.


She brings the elan of Ritz-Carlton's mantra, 'Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.' Here at Jettywave Distillery, Kim oversees the logistics, staffing, and day-to-day operations of our facility. Her influence in all parts of the business is why you may hear her title change with her different hats; Event Manager, Mixologist, Marketing Director, or anything else in between, she’s sure to be involved in it. When the albacore are running, you'll have to catch her if you can!

Head of Operations  Kimberlee Weaver

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West of the San Andreas Fault is a gem of a town that rests on more than just a different tectonic plate  Half Moon Bay is isoated from the trappings of Silicon Valley and the frenzy of San Francisco, yet is only a dozen miles from SFO and Stanford. Smell the bay leaves, the clean bull kelp and wet brush in our air. Play the odds and see if it really is as foggy as they say. Stand still and feel the tectonic waves from Mavericks so strong, they are felt at Lawrence Labs Richter scale. 


Half Moon Bay is California's last coastal gem