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Jettywave Distillery Bottles


Responsibility Mission

We put bike racks out front because two wheels commute better. We examine our every action through a similar responsibility filter. That cypress slab fell during a windstorm up on that hill behind you; lounge cart was an abandoned coffee trailer.

Princeton Harbor has fewer discarded pallets, because that scrapwood now patinas our interior bar. Look above inside to find a pair of surfboards, hand shaped by two of our married founders from Balinese shipping crates (yes, they're kissing).

Farm - to - Bottle

Half Moon Bay is Silicon Valley’s last unblemished gem. We have maintained a cultural distance from the frenetics of San Francisco, though we are only twenty miles abeam, and ten from SFO. Our agricultural surroundings are at the epicenter of sustainable existence, and one of the twentieth century’s richest culinary innovation centers. We have unfettered access to the most natural of ingredients, and pick-up-truck transit distances deliver our ingredients daily. We have sources for one of a kind trappings, unheard of native species, and gnarly-looking heirlooms that may scare the kiddies, while delighting your palette. 

We all have operating family farms in our parentages. So we wanted to create a distillation experience that explores our extended families’ crops, recipes and resourcefulness from their Prohibition years. We’re healthy-ish people who like to drink. We’re perfecting our thirteenth step with Jettywave. Over the years of running up and down our home street, we all traded recipes, door-dashed culinary surprises, spilled cocktails, toasted sunsets, and laughed prodigiously over weekly bonfires. Our kids can be seen cleaning up the Swell Lounge yard before they are allowed to surf. And Bondi, the aussie, thinks he is Employee of the Month. We welcome those honest, funny and respectful to toast with us and explore your outer palette.

Meet the team

Jettywave Distillery Swell Lounge

The Swell 


The swell lounge is our outside bar and seating area. Here you can find our full selection of drinks as well as being able to order a bite to eat. The Swell Lounge is open year round as long as the weather god's are on our side! Whether you fancy a local beer, a classic cocktail or a glass of wine, you can find it all here!

The Slab Bar is our weather friendly bar. Belly up outside, or if you're feeling a little chilly, join us on the inside! Here you can find flights of our spirits to help you decide on your favorite as well as our cocktails using only our own homemade ingredients and spirits.

Jettywave Distillery Slab Bar




Our Coastside’s most beloved restaurant, like many of us, followed its Silicon Valley dream only to return home to HMB. Cafe Gibraltar is back with its Mediterranean-inspired small plates, and has elected to joined us here at Jettywave. We could not be more honored. Or sated. Or downright giddy. Taste how old-world secrets, rare heirloom spices, farm fresh ingredients, and Jose Luis' renowned imagination conspire to redefine what your favorite tapas taste like.


Gibraltar Gems Jettywave is run by Executive Chef Jose Luis, who has scoured the planet to delight your appetite curiosity. Watch closely for Gibraltar's mezze platters, unusual tapas, seasonal soups, and special guest menu appearances. Together we craft surprising pairings to explore your outer palette.

Jettywave Distillery Gibraltar Gems

Gibraltar Gems at Jettywave

West of the San Andreas Fault is a gem of a town that rests on more than just a different tectonic plate. Half Moon Bay is isolated from the trappings of Silicon Valley and the frenzy of San Francisco, yet is only a dozen miles from SF and Stanford. Smell the bay leaves, the clean bull kelp, and wet brush in our air. Play the odds and see if it really is as foggy as they say. Stand still and feel the tectonic waves from Mavericks so strong, they are felt at Lawrence Labs Richter scale. 

We are Here

The Jettywave Distillery and The Swell Lounge grounds are available for select private events. We have a locally inspired, marine rustic building that provides a relaxed, chic ambiance. We are in the middle of Princeton harbor in Half Moon Bay with San Francisco and Palo Alto only a short car ride away. From corporate meetings, to plated dining experiences, our space is a great option for your next gathering.

We are open to the public on the weekends and can offer semi-private events. Monday-Thursday, we reserve for 100% private events, rehearsals and celebrations. 

Call us at (650) 291-8835 for more information or email

Jettywave Distillery Private Events

Private Events


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