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Jettywave Distillery Small Batch Bourbon


‘Small Batch’ is a myopic obsession with Jettywave. Every bottle encapsulates a narrative worth sharing with its master. We data mine our maritime terroir’s influence by notating the environmental conditions, as well as the organic lineage of each ingredient in a master database. We embrace the nuances of each barrel and individual bottle’s distillation arc, and log variables beyond the mash bill to highlight the composition of each bottle. This serves long term product enhancement to our head distiller, as well as providing transparent lineage for each individual bottle to the discerning collector for long term evaluation.

Jettywave Distillery Barrel

small Batch

Jetty Barrel Small Batch Bourbon was the spirit we fantasized about crafting before ‘Jettywave’ was even trademarked. If you’ve seen the barrel tasting smiles emerging from our test lab, you understand why we’ve been jonesing to share this special spirit with you. With a California mashbill of 80% Woodland sweet corn, 20% malted barley and Little Yosemite Valley water, it is far more relaxed and laid back than transplants from Kentucky or Scotland. Zero harsh. All light. A true craft whiskey, Jetty Barrel Bourbon is different in myriad left coast ways. We craft the entire distillation process in our harbor distillery, from hand-made redwood tanks, to slow state fog fermentation, to small volume casking. Due to its limited production, we bottle Jetty Barrel Bourbon in 375ml glass with a four bottle limit per person. 


375ml bottles - $50

Jettywave Distillery Bourbon

Fog fermented Bourbon

Jettywave Distillery California Coastal Gin

Unimaginable botanicals

‘Double Gold,’ ‘Best Gin’ and ‘Best of the Best”… this is the legendary gin Sunset Magazine placed above all other entries in its 2022 International Spirits Competition. We bring a west coast vigor to this staid Anglo-Saxon spirit. Distilled from organic American corn. Blessed by California botanicals. Juniper berry and pistachio mash is complemented by thyme, coriander seed, cardamom, ginger root, black pepper, meyer lemon, shiso, & our garden’s own nasturtium blossoms.

750ml bottles - $45

Asset 1.png

Our first distillate reinvigorates a Prohibition Era tradition once distilled under the secrecy of moonlight. We shed new light with our own grain-to-bottle recipe. Organic corn and barley, sourced here in northern California, is open-fermented over five foggy days to slowly capture the essence of the grain in reclaimed redwood fermenters, a process we call ‘fog fermentation.’ Half of our Half Moon Shine is placed in new oak barrels to mature into our forthcoming Jetty Barrel Bourbon. The other half is an elegant unbarrel-aged sipping whiskey. Unlike its Appalachian origins, Half Moon Shine is delicate and smooth and is intended to savor mildly chilled or enjoyed in a Moonshine Sour or your favorite cocktail.

750ml bottles - $45

Jettywave Distillery Half Moon Shine

Top shelf Moonshine

A Prohibition era Safe harbor

Jettywave is never ‘sourced,’ ‘bottled by…,’ or ‘distributed by.’ Of the 2,000 bourbon distilleries in the US, only a handful produce on premises, and from farm-to-bottle. We are enthusiasts that craft our offerings entirely in Princeton Harbor. We have one 150-gallon stripping still, one 26-gallon copper pot still for finishing whiskies, Jetty Barrel bourbons and Half Moon Shine, and one 26-gallon column still for finishing gins and vodkas. Our stills are all hand-forged in Colorado, which plays into our practice of buying as locally as possible. With an all-metal distillation and redwood fermentation, our distiller will be (almost) entirely plastic-free.

Jettywave Distillery Farm-to-Bottle

Oceanic terroir has a profound influence on Jettywave distillation philosophy. Cool seabreezes slow fermentation from six days to eight. Daily fog transports rich halite minerals from the open sea, beach, and upwind cypress groves to impart a hint of salinity, or ‘brine,’ as Scotch distilled on the coveted island of Islay proclaim, lending a savory structure to the residual sweetness from the organic corn and barley mash. The resulting whiskey is an elegant departure from Kentucky’s finest, yet is far more approachable on the palate. Our extended eight day ‘fog fermentation‘ enhances flavor nuances from our grains, which warm climate distillation hastily neglect. Tasting notes are subtle sea salt toasting kettle corn for an exceptional smoothness and palate structure. Zero harshness in the back of the throat. Its final memory is the perhaps most beautifully drinkable bourbon ever.

Jettywave Distillery Bottles

Coastal Maritime Terroir

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