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Jettywave is a Bay Area distillery experience that bottles the modern Northern California coastal life.


We embrace souls who prefer to pedal beach cruisers or paddle across blue water here to the harbor to savor unexpected flavors with organic integrity, in the wild pourings we distill and concoct.


We welcome only those friendly, to drink responsibly, and healthfully with us in Half Moon Bay's Princeton Harbor.

Crafted in collaboration with the ocean

Savor why Sunset Magazine named our award winning gin ‘Best of the Best’, Double Gold and ‘a 98 point stunner.’ And celebrate the first California bourbon to upstage Kentucky’s finest; with its extraordinary softness, a rare maritime terroir only noted in the finest Islay Scotch Whiskeys and a small barrel aging that balances our briney coastal influence with a hint of salted caramel and almonds.

Sunset Magazine Best of Best California Coastal Gin Jettywave Distillery

An Adventure in craft distillation

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We are offering a fresh new al fresco drinking experience at The Swell Lounge @ Jettywave, an outdoor bonfire lounge. Years of organic cocktail mixology recipes found a home in our healthy(ish) bar. We wanted to extend our creative welcome to Jettywave friends from far and wide to join us here in the historic Princeton Harbor and there is no such thing as foggy weather - just bad clothing. Event planners have found a unique home for off-site meetings, wedding rehearsals, birthdays and other special occasions as a prime corporate event destination near San Francisco.

Can drinking be like carbon credits? We believe so. Drink our Even Keel Turmeric shot the night before your next blood test and let us know how much your liver enzymes improve. We apply our degrees in sustainable agriculture and grow much of what we pour and distill. We gather fresh sage from our garden, dill and fresh flower petals to complete some of our favorite drink. That kumquat is being dehydrated for that floating garnish and, yes that cilantro leaf just came from that planter over there.

Jettywave Cocktails.jpg

Drinking with benefits. No really.

World Fusion cuisine

Our Coastside’s premier world fusion restaurant is back. Cafe Gibraltar has returned with its coastal small plates, and has elected to join us here at Jettywave. We could not be more honored. Or sated. Or downright giddy. Taste how old-world secrets, rare heirloom spices, farm fresh ingredients, and Jose Luis' renowned imagination conspire to redefine what your favorite tapas taste like. Watch closely for Gibraltar's notorious mezze platters, unusual tapas, seasonal soups, and special guest menu appearances. Together we craft surprising pairings to explore your outer palette.

Jettywave Gibralter Gems.jpg
Jettywave Distillery Happy Hour

Local's Happiest Hours

Every first Thursday of the month, join us exploring new recipes and toasting friends new and old alike over our blue slab bars. Enjoy a healthy ‘localism’ with 20% off food and drinks. Get out of the house before the weekend traffic hits!

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